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Member-Only Perks and Benefits

Member Perks

Local 99 Same-Day Tickets

Purchase same-day discounted tickets to movie theaters and theme parks. These tickets can only be purchased in person at our office locations. Check this page for current prices and more information.

Exclusive Member Discounts Online

As a member of Local 99 and the larger SEIU family, you have access to thousands of discounts to brand name products, restaurants, entertainment, mobile phone plans, even a college education from three different sources: Local 99 member-only discounts, SEIU Member Benefits, and AFL-CIO’s UnionPlus.

Member Benefits

Not to be confused with the benefits you receive through your collective bargaining contract (e.g. health care insurance), SEIU Local 99 benefits are programs and services offered to all members.

Free First Aid & CPR Training

We care about the kids we work with every day and whether our jobs require us to be certified in administering first aid/CPR or not, we want to make sure all members have the know-how to save a life in emergency situations. That’s why SEIU Local 99 offers all members in good standing first aid and CPR training free of charge.

SEIU Member Benefits

SEIU Member Benefits leverages the buying power of millions of SEIU members to help you and your family:

  • Manage finances better with competitive rates on everything from credit cards to personal loans.
  • Protect your family through group rates on a growing portfolio of insurance products.
  • Cut your cost of living thanks to special discounts at thousands of stores and favorite merchants.
  • Travel for less using specially negotiated rates and travel programs.

AFL-CIO of LA County Hardship Assistance for Union Members

Members of SEIU Local 99 can access Union Plus’ Hardship Help benefits during times when you need a little support. Union Plus offers members a variety of financial assistance, homeowner assistance, and health care assistance.