About Local 99’s Political Action

As members of SEIU Local 99, we not only fight for better wages, benefits, and working conditions, we believe that unions also help improve our schools, jobs and communities. Through our People Powered Politics program we elect working families’ candidates and hold them accountable to our issues. We also work for legislation that supports quality education, quality child care, good jobs, and other issues important to us.

Through our efforts, SEIU Local 99 members have:

  • Elected school board members who work with union members to address budget shortfalls without massive job cuts.
  • Save Proposition 98, the state measure that guarantees funding for K-14 education.
  • Fought back an attempt to repeal the state law that prevents school districts from contracting our work.
  • Ensured that elected officials understand the importance of our work by inviting them to work a shift through our “Walk A Day In My Shoes” program.
  • Secured increased federal funding for Head Start and other early education programs.

SEIU Local 99 members are also a strong voice for: affordable health care for all, fair tax policies that ensure corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share, immigration reform that rebuilds the American Dream for all workers, and retirement security that ensures we can retire in dignity with a safe and secure pension.

Our advocacy efforts are funded through our Committee on Political Education (COPE). This fund is made up of voluntary contributions from union members. When we pool our money together, we can influence the decisions that affect our jobs and communities.

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