Discounts and Resources

Start Enjoying Your Discounts! Activate your Local 99 Membership Card! Save at amusement parks, restaurants, stores, movie theaters — even auto repair shops — just for being a Local 99 member! Your new Membership Card doubles as your union member ID card and as a savings card with discounts of up to 50% at 250,000+ locations.

Activation is easy! Click here to activate your card and access discounts or call toll free (888) 265-4276.  If you haven’t received a card, please contact Shirley Davis at (213) 387-8393, ext. 117 or For information on where you can use your Local 99 Discount Card call toll free 1-888-265-4276 or access online.

Occasionally, the tickets you can purchase directly from our Local 99 office are even more deeply discounted than the ones available through this card, so be sure to compare shop against our Local 99 Discounted Tickets. Special union pricing on tickets for: Disneyland, Sea World, Magic Mountain, Movie Theaters… and more! Please note: Ticket sales hours are now 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

This card is presented to you by SEIU Local 99’s Member Services Committee. If you have ideas about other benefits you’d like to see, contact Cecilia Barnes at (213) 387-8393, ext. 130 or

  • Click here to access Union Plus benefits and resources for:  *Money & Insurance *Buy Union Made *Auto *Home & Discounts *Gifts & Discounts  *Labor Goes “Green” *Consumer Safety & Protection *Union Plus Health Savings *Travel & Entertainment *Legal & Education *Unique Union Member Assistance *Insurance
  • Click here for information on the SEIU Rewards Credit Card
  • Click here to access LA County Fed of Labor Emergency Assistance. This is a program for members who need emergency assistance with: *Consumer Counseling  *Family Counseling *Legal Services *Alcoholism *Drug Abuse  *Child Care *Welfare / Medical Assistance *Job Training *Social Security *Unemployment Disability Insurance *Workers Compensation   *Strike Assistance  *Natural Disaster Assistance *Community Service Training
  • Click here to access SEIU College Scholarship. SEIU’s scholarships are open to SEIU members or their children. The Bonnie Ladin Scholarship is also open to local union staff. To be eligible to apply for any SEIU scholarship, membership must be for three continuous years as of September 1, 2012. All awards must be for the academic year(s) awarded. Scholarships will be awarded without regard to the sex, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, or disability of any applicant. Scholarship awards are limited to one per household.

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