To build a better future for our schools, our children, and ourselves, member-driven committees offer opportunities for all of us to get involved, share our talents and build our union. Member-driven committees offer opportunities for all of us to be a part of the solution. Committees and 2015-17 Member Officers are listed below.

Member Organizing Committee

Chair, Tracy Daniels
Do you believe that united workers can accomplish anything? This committee leads the way to help non-union school workers form their union. The stronger our numbers, the stronger our gains at the bargaining table. Meetings are every third Wednesday of the month at 5:30 PM alternating at the SEIU Local 99 Los Angeles or Lynwood Office. For more information, contact Nanette Rincon-Ksido at

Education & Training Committee

  • Chair, Maria Elena Aguirre
  • Vice Chair, Larry Alpert
  • Secretary, Kat Hamm
Do you want to mentor new stewards? Have you been a Steward long enough to have been around the block more than once? Education is key to building strong work sites and strong career opportunities for school workers.This Committee helps develop and carry out the education and training programs of the Local, including formulating programs to educate and train members, stewards, and leaders on a wide variety of issues and skills. For more information, contact Michael Haberberger at

Social, Economic & Global Justice Committee

Help us build solidarity with other labor organizations and community leaders to help tackle issues that impact our students, jobs, and communities, including educational justice and civil rights. We do this through programs at our Local that provide education and assistance to our members. Come join a group that is creating a program to fight for equal and fair treatment of all workers, build long-term relationships with other community organizations, and promote economic, social, and political opportunities within our union, our employers, and our communities. Meetings are every third Thursday of the month at 5:30 PM at the Local 99 office. For more information contact Kenya Poston at
  • Chair, Princess Benson
  • Vice-Chair, Darrio Conner

Member Services Committee

  • Chair, Mary Smith
  • Vice-Chair, Ingrid Richards
  • Secretary, Shawn Bowden
  • Sergeant-At-Arms, Andrew Richards
This Committee is for you if you: Love to plan activities & events for members, have an interest in developing and/or enhancing benefits that Local 99 can offer members, want to have a voice in your union, and want to build strength in our union. Meetings are every first Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm at the Local 99 office. For more information contact Margaret Rodriguez at

Retired Members Committee

Are you a retired member of SEIU Local 99? Stay involved in your union! This committee develops and carries out programs that meet the needs of Senior and Retired members, including organizing for legislation to improve pensions, housing, health care, and other areas of concern; and developing social and cultural program to enhance the quality of life of retired members. For more information contact Raquel Esquivel at
  • Chair, Gloria Genyard
  • Vice-Chair, Bennie Poole
  • Secretary, Alice Craft
  • Forum Rep (2), Loriece Cotton, Eloise Cruse

Political Action Committee (COPA)

Together, we can hold our politicians accountable through direct action. We can do this through voter registration drives, interviewing candidates, planning our lobbying strategies, and by building relationships with local political organizations. For more information contact Lester Garcia at
  • Chair, Bart Weil

Communications Committee

  • Chair, Thresa Thomas
  • Vice Chair, Rachel Arzu
What do you think about our website? Our newsletters? What information do you need to know about Local 99 and your worksite? Be the voice of SEIU Local 99. Come share your writing talents, photography skills, and your suggestions for stories and strategies to keep Local 99 members informed and connected. For more information contact Blanca Gallegos at

Budget & Finance Committee

This Committee assists the Executive Board with the budget and finances of the union. It is comprised of the Officers of the Union. Members in good standing may also become members of this committee subject to the following restrictions: there shall be no more than one member from each Industry Division, who shall be the person receiving recommendation from the Industry Division.

  • Tonia McMillian
  • Conrado Guerrero
  • Ray Pinuelas
  • Filberto Barajas

Strategic Planning Committee

This Committee makes strategic plans for the Local Union, in coordination with staff, for Executive Board approval. It is comprised of the Chairperson of each standing membership committee and the President of the Union.

Grievance & Arbitration Committee

This is a committee appointed by the Executive Board to assist in the processing of grievances that have reached an impasse between a member or members and the employer, as well as monitoring all grievances of the union.

  • Chair, Keryl Cartee-McNeely
  • Vice Chair, John Lewis
  • Secretary, Bootsie Brenner
  • Joseph Holguin
  • Martelle Riley
  • Hilda Rodriguez-Guzman
  • Filberto Barajas
  • Christzann Ozan
  • Marilyn Mora
  • Jason Malveaux
  • Zandra Hawes
  • Antonia Rivas
  • Gwen Roberts

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