Why are anti-union, anti-worker groups spending billions to attack your right to form a Union?


We work hard to raise our families, contribute to the well-being of our communities and seek to leave a better world for future generations. All we ask for is to be treated with dignity, respect, and given opportunities to live a decent life. But working people like us are facing attacks from big corporations and the wealthy.

Big corporations only want to increase their profits, and the wealthy few only want to increase their wealth – all at our expense. They do this by:

  • Spending millions each year to influence politicians and manipulate the political process in order to further their interests (read about special interest politics);
  • Using that influence to make more states “right-to-work” states – a law aimed at weakening unions (read about right-to-work);
  • Pushing down or keeping wages stagnant;
  • Inflating the cost of food and other goods and services;
  • Outsourcing jobs to foreign countries;
  • Privatizing our schools and other public services.

Just consider that instead of paying his fair share of taxes to fully fund our public schools, billionaire Eli Broad unveiled a “business plan” last year to enroll half of LAUSD students in charter schools by 2023 – and he’s looking for investors!

Worker unions, like SEIU Local 99, are the only force in this country that keeps these corporations and billionaires in check. It is unions that started the Fight for $15 movement and pushed cities and states across America to raise the minimum wage to a living wage. Look at our own Local: in 2014, we won a historic $15 an hour minimum wage increase at LAUSD effectively lifting the wage floor for all current and future employees. We have protected health care benefits and are fighting to expand coverage for more workers. It is unions that continue to keep good jobs good and defend the interests of working people.

And this is precisely why we’re under attack by these big corporations and the wealthy. Through anti-union, anti-worker front organizations that pretend to be on the side of working people (they go by deceptive names like Center for Individual Rights and National Right to Work), they’re bankrolling legislation and frivolous lawsuits aimed at weakening the power of working people.

In 2015-2016, they pushed one legal case called Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association (CTA), all the way to the Supreme Court. But the Supreme Court ruled in favor of workers. The highest court in our nation effectively upheld the rights of people working in public jobs, to join together in a union.

But this isn’t the end. Right now, there are dozens of cases like Friedrichs v. CTA working their way through the Lower Courts. And these anti-worker groups are backed by millions of dollars to not only take these cases all the way to the Supreme Court, but also to fund misinformation campaigns to deceive workers into leaving their union.

What Can You Do?

Stand Union Strong. Take the pledge to stick with our Union so we can keep fighting for better wages and benefits and quality education.

If you’re not a Union member, join us today. The bigger our numbers, the stronger our power to win good contracts.

Be sure to vote. “Right to Work” laws and other anti-worker policies can come from all levels of government. Midwestern states have made the headlines during the past few years because their Governors and/or Legislatures passed “Right to Work” laws.  In our 2016 Presidential Election, the stakes couldn’t have been higher for all working people because these anti-worker groups will continue to push lawsuits all the way to the Supreme Court. President Elect Trump will have the power to nominate a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia who passed away in February of 2016,  and possibly other justices in the years ahead. It now becomes more difficult to stop billionaire extremists from using the Supreme Court to take away our right to unite.

Learn About These Legal Cases and
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Get United. Stay United. Make a Pledge.
The best defense we have against this attack on working people is to get united and stay united. If you’re not a member of SEIU Local 99 yet, join us. If you are, get your co-workers to join you and make a pledge to stand together and stay united. As long as we stick together, we have power, we have a voice.


Read What Others are Saying About
Friedrichs v. CTA

“This case has been brought to the Court by the Koch-sponsored ‘Center for Individual Rights (CIR)’—an outfit that made its reputation challenging civil rights laws. The CIR is asking the Court to break with forty years of precedent to impose radical new limits on the rights of workers to negotiate together for higher wages and better working conditions.”
via Huffington Post

“Democracies are also more likely to thrive when a vibrant middle class can support them … Large inequalities of wealth can create political inequality, and vice versa. Theodore Roosevelt warned of the dangers of having ‘a small class of enormously wealthy and economically powerful men, whose chief object is to hold and increase their power.’ Strong unions ameliorate extreme inequalities.”
via New York Times

Should nonunion teachers be forced to pay dues? “The vastly more important issue in this case is whether the Supreme Court will undermine the ability of unions to effectively represent all of their workers at the bargaining table. The court should refuse to do so and reaffirm the Abood decision.”
via Los Angeles Times

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