ATTN: LAUSD Special Ed — update on cuts to Special Ed hours

We’re taking action!

We demand that the District meet with us at the bargaining table!

“We all go the extra mile at our schools to make sure all the children are safe. We go above and beyond every day. The senior staff, school administration, division heads and the School Board all need to recognize us as part of the team. They need to value our ideas and insight into what our schools need. We’re already working short of the staff needed—then they turn around and say we’re cutting? We’re as strong as our unity, so I urge all Special Ed members to stand united against these cuts.”Willie Murray
Special Education Assistant
99th Street Elementary School in Watts

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Take action on the first day of schoo! “Sticker Up!” actions across the District will show we support our Bargaining Team!
  2. Participate with your union on Labor Day — Monday, September 4th — details coming soon!

Here’s a little background:
Late last month, the District told us they planned to cut hours of 617 Special Ed Assistants and Trainees.

Here’s just a part of what’s so wrong about this:
We are currently bargaining our next labor union job contract with the District. In our negotiations with the District, we’ve proposed improved staffing to better serve the children in our programs and told the District we want them to bring BII hours back to Special Ed Assistants, who already work closely with all students in these programs. So just when we’re telling the district we need more hours and more positions, they retaliated and proposed cuts.

This is bargaining in bad faith. We are ready to fight this.

“Sticker Up!” and stay tuned…

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