VICTORY! Transportation, Procurement & Warehouse workers win “Z Time” improvements!

Flyer image VICTORY
We held an informational Picket Line on June 29th—and while we picketed and spoke out, the District urgently messaged us an agreement!

Check out the pictures from our event!

LAUSD Procurement Workers Picket

This has been going on for years. This year we stood up! This agreement is a good first step to improving our jobs—we’re not done!

We won respect for our experience and loyalty with a return to work assignment selection list based on seniority for Truck Operations, Stores Distribution, Dry Goods and Freezer Operations, including cross training!

We won recognition from the District that we should not be denied access to sick time, kin care or bereavement benefits. We will now have three days during Z Time.

Click here for the full agreement.

Remember! We must ENFORCE our union rights on the job! Please report ANY failure to adhere to this agreement!

Let’s keep winning! Let’s continue to stand together to improve our jobs!

Louis-Gallegos_Headshot2I’m proud of the work we did to win this agreement. Now no one will have to go through what I did when I lost my grandmother during Z Time. It felt like a slap in the face when I was denied bereavement leave—after 14 years with the District! We had to make some noise to get their attention, but with this agreement the District has shown us the respect we deserve. —Louis Gallegos, Stock Worker Angel-Valera_HeadshotMy kids want to be in the water all summer long. Last summer, we got back home from the pool and I noticed my son was less active than usual. He broke into fever in the middle of night. I had to take three days off without pay—about a third of my check. I had to call my cellphone company,  water and electric to make arrangements for overdue bills. It’s a never ending story trying to catch up financially. —Angel Valera, Class A Driver
Willie-Washington_HeadshotThis is the same work we provide each and every day—and for these 39 days we abide by the same District rules. So how can the District say it’s okay to treat us differently during Z Time? Three years ago, my mother in law passed just a one week into the regular work year. She lived out of state. If she had passed during Z Time, we would have had the expense of airfare while at the same time losing pay. —Willie Washington, Stock Clerk Miguel-Morales_HeadshotThe District didn’t follow seniority for Z Time and a few years ago I didn’t get any work at all, even though at the time I’d been in Procurement for more than 10 years. I’m a single dad with a daughter in college, another starting this fall and three at home. So when I don’t have work or if I have to miss Z Time assignments because I have a sick child, that affects the whole family. These are LAUSD students! —Miguel Morales, Stock Clerk
Pinkie-Preston_HeadshotI’m a proud graduate of Fremont High. My daughter went to King Drew. We’re part of the LAUSD family. But I’m nervous about not having access to sick days during Z Time. I’m diabetic. So far I’ve been lucky and my doctor appointments haven’t conflicted with work, but what if I have to see a doctor during assigned Z Time? There’s no reason why our benefits shouldn’t carry year round. —Pinkie Preston, Stock Worker Tony-Ahumada_HeadshotI’ve driven trucks for LAUSD for 13 years and I’ve seen many changes. My previous classification was “Light Truck driver” but last year we were forced to move to a new classification. An agreement was reached with the District—and then they ignored what we’d agreed on. But we fought back and won. Now with this Z Time victory, I think we’re getting back on track to be treated with respect and dignity. —Tony Ahumada, Medium Truck Driver

Let’s get Serious this Summer!

So if this taught us anything, it taught us that when we stand united and FIGHT, we WIN! So let’s get serious this summer and keep winning:

Stay tuned…

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