We went to Sacramento to defend families against senseless deportation.

We went to Sacramento to put an end to fear being used as a weapon to break apart families and terrorize immigrant communities.

We went to say NO to the hate.


SEIU Local 99 members joined those from our sister SEIU local unions to travel to Sacramento and speak with lawmakers there about important legislation that has been introduced to defend against oppressive and misguided immigration policies coming out of Washington, D.C., and build a lasting civic offensive to defend vulnerable communities.

See TV news from the day here and here.

We spoke directly with legislators to urge them to pass legislation that will protect immigrant rights, keep families together and ensure that all students can learn in a safe environment.

Here are the bills we’ll be advocating for:

SB-54 (DeLeon)
Law enforcement sharing data
Across the country, there are systems in place that target non-citizens for arrest. This criminalizes immigrant communities. SB-54 would prevent state and local resources from being used to fuel mass deportation.

UPDATE: Currently in Committees on Public Safety and Human Services

AB-699 (O’Donnell)
Educational equity:
immigration status

Prohibits schools, except as required by state law, from collecting information or documents about the immigration status of pupils or their family members  or ICE to enter a schoolsite without providing a valid judicial warrant.
AB-21 (Kalra)
Public postsecondary education: Access to Higher Education for Every Student
Students have the right to learn in safe environments without fear of deportation or intimidation. This bill amends existing law to allow faculty and staff to report unlawful federal immigration activity on campus as a means to protect their students.

UPDATE: This bill passed on June 1st in the Assembly and now heads to the State Senate

AB-450 (Chiu)
California Immigrant Workplace Protection Act
Regardless of immigration status, ALL workers have certain rights and protections in the workplace. This bill fights back against federal immigration raids by requiring ICE provide a judicial warrant in order access a worksite.

UPDATE: The day after our lobbying efforts, this bill passed in the Assembly and now heads to the State Senate. We made a difference!

SB-30 (Lara)
Prohibits state contracts with those assisting with border wall
This bill would prohibit the state from awarding or renewing any contract with any company or person that provides, or has provided, goods or services to the federal government for the construction of a federally funded wall, fence or other barrier along California’s southern border.

UPDATE: This bill passed on June 1st in the State Senate and now heads to the Assembly

May 30 Immigration Lobby Day



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