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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A weekly update of opportunities to derail the attacks on working families and push forward to achieve our Vision for a Just Society.


  • Thursday, March 23: Rally to Save Obamacare. Join us on the 7th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act at the Los Angeles Federal Building from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., 300 N Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, California 90012
  • Thursday, March 23: Final Day of Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearings. After several days of testimony, it is clear that Neil Gorsuch does not stand with working families and his past rulings make him the wrong choice for the U.S. Supreme Court. Call 1-855-713-0060to tell your senator to reject his nomination to the court. For more information, contact
  • Saturday, April 1: “People’s Filibuster Day of Action.” Events are being held across the country to let senators know they must resist the Trump agenda and oppose Neil Gorsuch, who would be a disaster for working people if confirmed to the Supreme Court. Details on specific events can be found at
  • Tuesday, April 4: Racial justice-themed Fight for $15 day of action in Memphis, Tenn., on the anniversary of the death of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Sign Our Stand Up, Show Up Petition: Pledge to stand up and show up against congressional Republican leaders’ agenda that further rigs our economy and democracy against working families.Click here to sign.
  • Call Congress: 855-614-6085. Say “no” to a deportation force. A deportation force would tear families apart and cost the United States billions of dollars. Tell Congress this is not what our families and communities need.

Important Dates in April and May:

  • April 7–April 23—Congressional Recess
  • April 19—SEIU National Day of Action
  • April 29—People’s Climate March
  • May 1—May Day Immigration Actions


  • Earlier Wednesday, SEIU members joined faith leaders, patients and healthcare advocates at a rally and “Moral March” to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office. They sent a message to congressional Republican leaders who are set to take away healthcare coverage from 24 million Americans and destroy Medicaid, which funds the care that SEIU members give to seniors, people with disabilities and children.
  • Last Thursday, nearly 10,000 calls were routed to GOP offices during the National Medicaid call-in day. So far, we have driven more than 90,000 calls to Congress, where people have told their elected leaders that working families, children, seniors and people with disabilities need quality, reliable healthcare.



Sign up today to be a part of the #RESIST Rapid Response Team / En Español Abajo

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Healthcare is on the chopping block in Congress. Even those of us with health coverage from our employer will be affected. If the ACA is overturned without a better plan in place, it will bring chaos to the insurance markets. We want legislators to show us their plan to improve care for every American.

Be sure to click here to check out our “ICE: Know Your Rights!” information.

Immigrants are being unjustly detained and families are being ripped apart. Entire neighborhoods are terrified and frustrated with policies that do nothing to increase safety or the strength of our economy.

The current Supreme Court nominee would undermine countless laws protecting the environment, workers’ rights and safety. He has consistently ruled against working people in support of wealthy corporations.

Join with your co-workers and others in the community who are standing up and showing up to tell our leaders in Washington, D.C. what we need in our communities.

We accomplish a lot when we unite and take action together.

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Haga clic aquí para formar parte del Equipo Resiste de Acción Rápida de SEIU Local 99.

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El cuidado de salud está en la mira de recortes del Congreso. Incluso aquellos de nosotros con cobertura de salud por parte de nuestro empleador nos veremos afectados. Si la ley ACA se anula sin un plan mejor en su lugar, traerá el caos a los mercados de seguros. Queremos que los legisladores nos muestren su plan para mejorar el cuidado de cada estadounidense.

Los inmigrantes están siendo injustamente detenidos y las familias están siendo destrozadas. Barrios enteros están aterrorizados y frustrados con políticas que no hacen nada para aumentar la seguridad o la fortaleza de nuestra economía.

El candidato actual socavaría innumerables leyes que protegen el medio ambiente, los derechos de los trabajadores y la seguridad. Siempre ha fallado en contra de los trabajadores en apoyo a las corporaciones ricas.

Únase a nuestro Equipo Resiste de Acción Rápida.

Logramos mucho cuando nos unimos y actuamos juntos.


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