Trump Busted! Newly uncovered video reveals how he feels about unions: “wages too high” and unions drive up wages “40-50-60 percent”

RIGHT TO WORK FOR LESSA newly uncovered video interview shows that Donald Trump supports so-called “Right to Work” laws designed to weaken union workers’ bargaining power. More accurately called “right to work for less,” these laws are now forced on working people in 26 states.

And it’s not a pretty picture. Those in “right to work for less” states, on average, earn $6,109 less every year than those of us living in states that protect our right to form a strong union. And states with these harmful laws have more workplace deaths, more poverty, less health care coverage and higher infant death rates—12.4% higher.

Basically, Trump is a “fat cat” who looks out for his own greedy pockets. It’s simple: bringing wages down brings costs down, which means more profit for bosses like him. (And don’t forget the higher infant mortality rates.) Read more.

And he’s not just anti-worker…he’s a racist, too.

“Trump’s slew of inflammatory remarks have led many Americans to see him as a bigot. Since 1968, when segregationist George Wallace of Alabama won five states in the South, no major presidential contender has used such raw rhetoric on race or ethnicity.” — Los Angeles Times article

More recently, Trump hired the infamous “union-busting” law firm Cruz & Associates to fight workers at his Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas. In fact, Trump delivered his “You’re fired!” to workers there.

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