Child Care Providers Fight for $15 at National Convention in Virginia

Nearly 300 child care providers and early educators from across the country, including several from SEIU Local 99,  traveled to Richmond, Virginia, last weekend to join thousands of underpaid working people at the first-ever national Fight for $15 Convention.

SEIU Local 99 member Cynthia Bassett, a child care provider from San Bernardino, California, addresses the convention in Virginia.

At the former capital of the U.S. Confederacy, underpaid workers from more than a dozen industries drew links between the crisis of today’s falling wage floor and the effects of racist policies that have held back working people of color.

Child care providers held their National Organizing Committee meeting, spoke and participated in the convention—including leading the entire convention in song—and joined thousands of protesters in a march to the Robert E. Lee Monument.

“Underpaid workers need real change from our leaders in office, and this election season we’ve already made huge strides in pushing the candidates to turn their focus to our issues – and that means at least $15/hour and union rights,” said LiAnne Flakes, a Head Start Teacher from Tampa, Florida, who is paid $12.50/hour. “Whether you educate young children, care for seniors, or work in fast-food or any other industry for that matter, all parents deserve to be able to afford basic necessities and care for their families.”

Marching at low wage worker conf in Virgina

Learn more about this historic convention of low-wage workers here.

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