AWESOME Ventura County Community College District employees…

We invited you to tell us if your co-workers are AWESOME!

Here’s what we heard…

Lindy Chau at Moorpark College is AWESOME!
When Lindy was hired an Accounting Technician, she became our categorical budget person. I found Lindy very approachable, willing to help, explain, and share in her knowledge and skills. She is a very hard worker, determined and very good at what she does.

Tiffany Sims at Moorpark College is AWESOME!
Tiffany is the test proctor in ACCESS the disabled student center at Moorpark college.  Tiffany came in re organized the test center to better serve the students.  Tiffany never loses her patience and lways has the answer for the student or the faculty in reference to testing.  Tiffany is the 1st one to explain or re explain to the student about their testing accomadations.  Tiffany always has a kind word and inspiration  not matter has stressful the situation may be.

Olivia Long at Ventura College is AWESOME!
Olivia truly goes above and beyond for all of her coworkers here at Ventura College and for the Ventura County Community College District. She serves as the Union Steward for SEIU and is always available whenever a coworker has questions or concerns with their job, union benefits, or has any general issues with things at Ventura College. She always has a moment for any person who stops by her office to answer questions even outside of the purview of her job. She is the most bubbly person on campus. People recognize her laugh from all over campus! She never hesitates to help a student in need and will often stop while walking across campus to help a student who looks lost or in need of help. She is kind, patient, and yet will always fiercely defend her opinion especially in defense of her coworkers.  truly believe that working with Olivia has made me a better employee for Ventura College, and the school and district are very lucky to have her working here!

Ray Acosta at Oxnard College is AWESOME!
Ray Acosta has a short-wall cubicle in the back of the library circulation area. He is smack in between the employee, tutor, librarian, staff entrance and the kitchen. We all have to pass him constantly, all day long, for drinks, food, and staff bathrooms. Every time any of us pass him, he happily says hi, chats, asks how you’re doing, answers questions, and all while doing his work. Instead of being frustrated by all of the constant interruptions, he makes the workplace a better, happier place. He also plays up-beat music all day, usually with a theme for the day. It helps him tune out other noise when he needs to focus, but he will still give a smile when you pass. I don’t know how he does it. Anyone else would be driven mad.

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