We win “Me too!” clause in new VCCCD contract

SEIU Local 99 members at the Ventura County Community College District ratified our 2015-2016 wage/benefit re-openers on February 5, 2016.

Terms of our new settlement include:

  • An increase of $1,191.12 per employee in our employer’s annual cap on its contributions to our health insurance premiums (bringing it from $16,893.72/employee/year up to $18,084.84/employee/year)
  • A 1.02% on-schedule wage increase, effective July 1,  2015
  • A 2% off-schedule lump sum payment for 2016-2017; and
  • A “Me-too” with the faculty union. If they get a better deal, we get it too!

Please look for our “retro” pay (for both our health premium reimbursements and the 1.02% retro) in our March 31 paychecks. The 2% off-schedule lump-sum is scheduled to be paid on June 30.

Download the full agreement today: VCCCD-Tentative-Agreements-01.15.16

Thanks, Bargaining Team!

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