Announcing SEIU Local 99’s MAOF Apprenticeship: EARN WHILE YOU LEARN!

How do I apply to join the Apprenticeship Program?

For information on how you can become an Early Educator Apprentice, contact Robert Klimczak at or (213) 387-8393, ext. 212.

Spaces are limited.
Don’t delay!

Beginning in February 2016, SEIU Local 99—in partnership with Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF)—will launch a groundbreaking Early Educators Apprenticeship Program. As an apprentice, qualifying Local 99 members who work at MAOF will receive on-the-job training, mentoring and college courses leading to our next Child Development Permit—while earning higher wages!

What is an Early Educators Apprenticeship?

An Early Edcuators Apprenticeship allows those of us teaching our littlest learners to increase our professional skills and competencies, qualify for more advanced Child Development Permits, and receive salary increases as specific milestones are achieved.

What are the benefits of participating in an Apprenticeship?

  • Apprenticeships allow early educators to “earn while we learn.” Apprentices can expect to receive scheduled salary increases as we meet particular milestones.
  • Apprentices receive on-the-job training, bi-monthly mentoring, and college coursework provided at convenient times and locations.
  • SEIU Apprentices will be part of a cohort—a small group of early educators with similar backgrounds, working in similar programs, with similar goals. Cohort members build peer relationships, learn from each other and receive support in tackling professional challenges.
  • Through the Apprenticeship, participants become qualified for more advanced Child Development Permits, continuing on a path toward AA and BA degree attainment, and may assume positions of greater responsibility and higher salaries.

How long does it take to complete the Apprenticeship?

 The duration varies depending on each Apprentice’s background and goals. In general, it takes 12-24 months to complete each level of the Apprenticeship.

Who qualifies to be an Apprentice?

The Apprenticeship is open to SEIU Local 99 members* who work at MAOF center-based programs as Assistant or Associate Teachers. Applicants must complete the required placement tests and interview process and agree to the program guidelines as defined by SEIU and MAOF. Prior work and educational experience will be considered.

What college coursework is involved?

Apprentices will participate in coursework that will lead to more advanced Child Development Permits and Apprentices may use this coursework for college degree attainment.

Coursework requirements for the Apprenticeship are aligned with the California Child Development Permit Matrix. As such, the educational background of each Apprentice will be reviewed and courses will be offered that enable Assistant Teachers to earn Associate Teacher Permits, and Associate Teachers to earn Teacher Permits

At the outset, Apprentices will take placement tests and have their college transcripts reviewed to determine what coursework is needed.

What supports and services will be provided?

  • Apprentices will receive on-the-job training from site supervisors and mentoring from experienced ECE professionals. This training, observation and reflection will help Apprentices strengthen their professional skills and put into practice what is learned in college coursework.
  • Apprentices will receive academic advisement, individualized education plans, and other assistance to support successful completion of the coursework.
  • Monthly cohort meetings will provide opportunities for Apprentices to develop peer relationships, learn from others, share ideas and experiences, and work together to achieve common goals as early educators and ECE professionals.

How much does the Apprenticeship cost?

College coursework will be provided at no cost. And most of our other expenses will also be covered (such as textbooks).

Will the program be available to others?

This is a pilot program that we hope to expand to all union early educators, including other center workers and family child care providers.

How is the SEIU Early Educators Apprenticeship Program Funded?

The SEIU Early Educators Apprenticeship Program is funded in part by SEIU, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office California Apprenticeship Initiative, the California Workforce Investment Board’s Workforce Accelerator Fund, and MAOF.


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